My Airline Choice for Traveling the World

The islands

*Picture of me arriving to Easter Island.

I’m a traveling fan and for the past few years I’ve been committed to Southwest airlines. After flying to multiple different destinations on many different airlines, I’ve feel in love with southwest. With many different routes to many different destinations across the U.S and South America this is the airline to choose.

The reasons I choose this airline is because of its affordability and customer service. Their prices are unbeatable, no doubt! With prices as low as $73 one way that can make a trip with taxes easily under $175!! To expand on the price, bags fly free! You can check in up to two bags without paying a dime, opposed to other airlines that charge a flat fee per bag!

Customer service is also a plus. Not only are the pilots great so are every other employee down the line. Again if you are traveling for the holidays or just for pleasure in the middle of June, I suggest you select this airline.

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